I’ve dealt with depression on a personal level for more than thee decades in one form or another. Today, I was confronted with a deep personal flaw. I make others feel intellectually inferior. I don’t mean to, but apparently I do inadverntly. More importantly, I’ve been doing so for some time.

I’m an Asshole!

I don’t mean to be, but I have to consider that I can come across that way. This incident began with me playfully, (I thought) correcting someone’s spelling errors. Of course, this was online where my impish grin wasn’t visible and I didn’t use the proper emoticons. Nonetheless, I came across as if I was trying to show that I was smarter than the other person, condescending. That wasn’t my intention, of course, but that’s how it went.

I’m not sure this will be something I can easily remedy. After all this time, my personality is pretty much set. But I will have to keep it in mind that I can be a dick, even when I’m not trying to be.